Monday, January 17, 2011

Italobot Podcast 11 - Wading in Winter Blue

Italobot Podcast 11 - Wading in Winter Blue

01. Venise - Wien Is...
02. Different Faces - Telegraph
03. Atelier Folie - Fashion
04. Amnesie - Turas
05. George Aaron - She's a Devil
06. Steve Doesn't Drive - Woman and Car
07. A.G.F. - Loved By You
08. Roberto Onofri - Let's Go Out
09. Asha Puthli - 1001 Nights of Love
10. Transport - Computer World
11. Gazebo - Chopin
12. Venise - Roissy

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I've been putting in a lot of work just about everywhere but Italobot so I thought I'd get some tracks together this weekend. Looking forward to 2011 I hope to get more of these mixes out there This one is a fun trip through a few different sounds, grooves, and moods. The weather finally started taking a turn around in my part of the world but I still managed to wring out some soggy chilled tracks for this mix. Put on a sweater and don't catch a cold.

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