Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Happy Boys - I Guess You Will Do *

I Guess You Will Do (instrumental) - The Happy Boys

The Happy Boys have been a longtime creative pursuit of mine. I have resisted the urge until now to use Italobot to showcase some of my own work as I don't exactly want to use the blog as a tool of megalomania. But this is a track that I think fans of Italo might enjoy.

"I Guess You Will Do" is the last track we recorded for the album after I moved back to San Francisco from New York. Its an homage to Giorgio Moroder's work in the 80s. I have included the instrumental as a download but if you are intrigued to here more of the Happy Boys music you can download the album "Big Hit" on iTunes or CDBaby.

A few years ago we did some music videos one in Los Angeles and one in New York. They were a lot of fun to film and we met some wonderful people in the process. Below you may enjoy our song "La Dolce Vita" and my solo effort as Giani Velcreaux singing "All I Want to Know."

La Dolce Vita - The Happy Boys

All I Want to Know - Giani Velcreaux

Monday, August 17, 2009

Italobot Podcast 05 - Forgives the Sommelier

Italobot Podcast 05 - Forgives the Sommelier (58.3MB)
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Italobot Podcast 05 : Forgives the Sommelier
01. Dance - Betty Miranda
02. Johnny Johnny - Lala
03. So You Aren't Fall in Love - Mark Tower
04. Just a Story - Mike Rogers
05. It Isn't Changed - Michael Maltese
06. Africa - Anthony
07. I Want an Illusion - Squash Gang
08. Love Games - Robert Camero
09. Computerized Love (vocoder version) - Tango
10. Souvenir - Saxophone

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Sorry its a little sloppy. I had it all nice and smooth but the computer program went kaput and I had to start over. Enjoy the songs.