Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Italobot Podcast 14 - Gets Super Relaxed

01. Shinzo No Tobira  - Mariah
02. Telefon - Denis & Denis
03. Your Love is Dirty - Bagarre
04. Running Out of Time - Rexy
05. Underwater Boy - Virna Lindt
06. Wanna Be Your Lover - La Bionda
07. Magic Carillon - Rose
08. You ... See - Hélicon
09. Night in Paris - Finzy Kontini
10. I'm a Lover - Andrea
11. Just a Dream - Transport
12. Help Me To Forget You - Timecode
13. Body Double - Pino Donaggio

It is almost Spring, so I think you need to relax a little bit. Do you need some nice songs while you make dinner? Are you are trying to seduce a pretty person with your intelligence and great taste? Maybe you just need to say, "Hey I'm going to relax right now with a glass or two of wine and treat myself to some me time." Giani says its okay, go right ahead..

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